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3 Big Ideas to Create More Client Conversations
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Download this instant-access guide for 3 ideas on how to provoke thought and generate more conversations that will motivate them to take action!
How to Attract the HNW Audience
Monday, October 10, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Watch this free web class and see how agents and advisors are attracting Middle America and Wealthy Audiences (tested and proven by advisors in over 1.7 million campaigns).
New Clients for Killer Q4
Monday, October 10, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Download this free guide to 5 tools that will help you optimize your practice and keep your calendar packed with High Net Worth clients.
3 Ways to Automate Your Lead Generation for 2023
Tuesday, July 26, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Download this free guide and learn 3 strategies UFC utilizes itself that generate an average of 34 new qualified leads every month!
How to Turn Life Insurance Into a Powerful Asset Class
Friday, March 18, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Your clients want more than just a death benefit...
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How to Use Business Valuations as a Powerful Marketing Tool
Wednesday, March 9, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Uncover gaps in planning for high net-worth clients and provide sophisticated solutions that will satisfy their complex needs.
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5 Times Premium Finance May be a Good Fit
Tuesday, February 15, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Premium Finance is not a fit for everyone. However, many business owners have the need for high-value life insurance an understand the value of using other people's money to create more wealth.
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Maintaining a High Standard of Living During Inevitable Price Increases
Thursday, February 3, 2022 Universal Financial Consultants Download this one-pager and help your clients understand and protect against the risk of inflation and provide peace of mind by incorporating a stream of increasing income with features that rival market performance and endurance.
10 Ways to Optimize a Premium Finance Plan
Friday, December 17, 2021 Universal Financial Consultants Here are 10 strategies to consider that may help optimize performance and maximize ROI.
Strategies to Fill the Gaps of Traditional Trust Planning
Friday, November 5, 2021 Universal Financial Consultants Traditional planning for high net-worth individuals often takes too much time, too much money, and creates more of a headache than the original concerns did in the first place! Until now...
The Top 5 Tools That Help You Seal The Deal and Kill the Competition
Monday, October 18, 2021 Universal Financial Consultants We are constantly adding more tools to our arsenal that advisors say are integral to the success of their business. This exclusive guide will show you the top 5 resources picked by our top life insurance, annuity, and premium finance producers.
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How to 5X Your Marketing Investment in the Next 4 Months
Thursday, August 26, 2021 Universal Financial Consultants UFC's goal is to partner with financial advisors looking to make a real difference in their clients lives. With a committed relationship, we have helped many advisors increase their bottom line by SIX-FIGURES OR MORE.